What is Accessor.Launchbar ?

To launch a program, you have to find its shortcut either in the Programs menu or on the Desktop!
To open a document file, you have to find it in the "My Documents" folder or somewhere else!
To visit a website, you have to type its address in the address bar or find its bookmark!

Aren't you tired of wasting your time on so many unnecessary actions? Want to do it faster? Install Accessor.Launchbar, create a button for each program, document or web address on its panel and you will be able to launch them with a single mouse click! Accessor.Launchbar look like a narrow bar along any side of the screen and takes as little space on your Desktop as possible. Accessor.Launchbar is much more comfortable than standard Quick Launch. (full description...)

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Accessor.Launchbar. Version 2.4
(1.3 Mb)

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What's new?

December 29: Version 2.4 released.

October 14: Version 2.3 released.

April 12: Version 2.0 released.
"Fixed" launchbars. Custom icons for launchbar. Changing the sequence of launchbars. Creating preset launchbars. details...

March 01: Version 1.2 released.
"Button Manager" updated

  Main features

Creating buttons for programs, documents, folders, URLs...
Creating new panels for arranging buttons the way you like it
Selecting the necessary panel with a special selection button
Autohide mode
Built-in clock showing the current time/date and month calendar

Customizable the colour scheme, font, buttons style

(full description...)

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