Accessor.Launchbar description

What’s new in the 2.0 version
You can make any of your launchbars a “fixed” bar. The program will return to this launchbar automatically after you have started anything from another launchbar or show it after a specified period of time.
Now you can assign any icons to launchbars and see them in the launchbar selection menu.
Now you can change the sequence of launchbars and show/hide the whole bar.
Now there is a feature of opening special folders like “Start/Programs”, browser bookmarks, network places, etc when you are looking for the file to be opened.
A feature of creating preset launchbars: for any of your folders, for the Control Panel, export of IE favorites, export of Quick Launch shortcuts.

Main description

is a toolbar that is used to quickly launch programs, open files and Internet URLs with one mouse click on the screen. Using Accessor.Launchbar, you will have to look neither for the necessary shortcut in the "Programs" menu trying to launch a program nor through the “My documents” folder in search for the necessary file. Just add an icon for a program, a document file or an Internet URL to a panel in Accessor.Launchbar and you will be able to open them quickly and save your time and efforts.

Accessor.Launchbarcan have any number of panels with buttons. If it turns out that you have too many buttons, you can distribute them among different panels the way you like it and select the panel you need at the moment using a special panel selection button. For instance, create one panel for programs, another one for documents, a third one for web addresses, a forth one for the most frequently needed folders, etc. Or do it in any other way you like!

Accessor.Launchbaris more comfortable than standard Quick Launch! Quick Launch takes much space on the Windows taskbar. Quick Launch has only one panel and if you create another panel it will also occupy space!

Accessor.Launchbar also has a built-in clock showing the current time and date and makes it possible to open the calendar for a month. You can configure the time and date format the way you like it.

You can customize the overall background color of the program, as well as the background color, the font type and the color of the clock. The toolbar can be "docked" to any side of the screen.

Accessor.Launchbar contains the detailed help describing how to work with the program.

Version history

Version 2.4:
release date - december 29'05
Bugfix: a some unimportant bugs in the "Button Manager" has been fixed.

version 2.3:
release date - october 14'05
Bugfix: an elimination bugs has been fixed.

version 2.2:
release date - august 09 '05
A some internal changes and improvements.

version 2.0:
release date - april 12 '05
"Fixed" launchbars. Custom icons for launchbar. Changing the sequence of launchbars. Creating preset launch bars.

version 1.2:
release date - march 01 '05
Buttons manager updated. New Buttons Manager will provide you more freedom with creating and changing of buttons and launchbars.

version 1.1.6:
releas date - January 06 '05
Bugfix: elimination bugs fixed

version 1.1:
release date - october '04
First public release.

Screenshot of the new Buttons Mananger.

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